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Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water.

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.”―Steve Maraboli

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The pursuit of happiness is a common denominator that defines us as human beings. However, it is quite usual to encounter an enemy that stands in the way of true happiness:

Our own selves.

Taking into account our modern way of life, achieving true happiness may seem to imply doing more, having more, or getting more. …

It takes a lot of effort to do things effortlessly

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“Love never claims, it ever gives.”– Mahatma Gandhi

Truth is, healthy relationships are not always simple or easy to maintain. They must be cared for and nourished every single day. Regardless of what many blogs may tell you, there is no “magic formula” or recipe we can apply to ensure success in our relationships. Great accomplishments, like everything, require time and effort.

“All good things require effort. That which is worth having will cost part of your physical being, your intellectual power and your soul power. Let us ever keep in mind that life is largely what we make it.”—…

Hard times build determination and inner strength.

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One of the foremost teachings in Buddhism is that everything in life is impermanent.

When looking at the most important pillar of Buddhism, a philosophy from which psychology has drawn in recent times, we find the concept of detachment, which becomes one of the main ways to achieve spiritual tranquility, well-being, and happiness.

So, what can detachment teach us?

Attachment as an Expression of Insecurity

The law of detachment indicates that we must renounce our attachment to things, which does not mean that we renounce our goals:

“We do not renounce the intention but rather the interest in the result.””

At first glance, it may seem…

How is the relationship with yourself going?

“Let your light shine today, and let your personality blossom, too. You don’t have to be a people-pleaser, just a people-lover” — Beth Moore

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How’s your relationship with yourself?

Have you asked this lately? Although we deeply care about our bonds with others, we often can neglect or forget the one we have with ourselves.

In difficult times we can end up losing ourselves unconsciously, leaving behind our essence or feel lost. So self-respect, care and compassion for yourself are essential to your well-being and mental health.

Here are four signs that can help you identify if you may need…

Many are the wise who have reflected on the secrets of happiness

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What is happiness? It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point in our lives. As Seneca quoted in ‘De vita beata’:

To live happily, my brother Gallio, is the desire of all men, but their minds are blinded to a clear vision of just what it is that makes life happy — Seneca

Truthfully, we all aspire to be happy and, to do so, we try to discover what that actually means. Each person has an answer, a different definition of happiness. …

More than an experiment, a revelation of nature.

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Project Washoe is both fascinating and moving. The experiment took place on June 21, 1966 and was directed by Drs. Allen Gardner and Beatrix Gardner.

A female chimpanzee named Washoe was considered the first non-human animal to learn to communicate by using the sign language and to show emotional connection.

The Washoe Project, more than an experiment, it’s a revelation of nature.

The Washoe Project

Allen and Beatrix Gardner already had experience working with apes before starting the Washoe Project. …

Becoming an entrepreneur is sexy in 2020, isn’t it?

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We are living in a curious time. Indeed, we have gone from a point where the entrepreneur was considered to be a little more than a madman with a dream to one where the whole weight of the future economy falls on.

Becoming an entrepreneur is sexy in 2020, isn’t it?

Before you decide to get on board, I think it’s necessary to clarify certain popular myths that do more harm than good to the figure of the entrepreneur.

1 — You Just Need A Great Idea

I usually say that the idea per se is not worth anything. We all know two different people who say that…

Among all the great minds of history, probably the master of combining genius with unusual habits was Albert Einstein

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Taking 10 Hours Sleep And 1 Second Naps

Sleep is known to be good for the brain, but Einstein took that advice more seriously than most of us. He supposedly slept at least 10 hours a day (the average American today sleeps 6.8).

It comes as no surprise that many of the most radical advances in human history, including the periodic table and the structure of DNA, supposedly came about while their discoverers were unconscious. So did Einstein’s theory of relativity, which he came up with while dreaming about electrocuted cows.

Is it true that our brain gets more inspired when we are unconscious?

Well, when we fall asleep, the brain enters a series of cycles. Every 90–120 minutes it fluctuates…

Hardware designed for security projects or research. These basic tools allow the target system to be evaluated.

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Sometimes, in security audits, you may face a scenario in which everything is managed correctly, which means; security patches, policies, network segmentation, antivirus and user awareness are well applied.

It is then that, to continue the analysis from the perspective of researcher or security consultant, Social Engineering and some other tools like the ones we will see throughout the post begin to have a more important value, being perhaps the only ones that will allow to penetrate the target system.

These are hardware mostly designed for security projects or research.

Here are the 10 tools every ethical hacker needs.

#1 Raspberry Pi 3


5 personal growth tools to kick off a new relationship right.

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Before starting a new relationship, it’s essential to invest in personal development and to learn how to be alone, how to spend quality time with yourself.

It’s risky to look for a partner only to relieve loneliness, longings and emptiness. Trying to solve our emotional deficiencies through a new relationship is, with high probability, a recipe for disaster.

Having a healthy relationship is not about finding the ideal person. The best approach is to focus first on understanding yourself, which may then allow you to love someone from a free and mature place.

Far from seeking love, allow yourself to…


A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference — Winnie The Pooh

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